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Singleminded Scientists

And Corrupt Politicians

Clive Dove
4 April
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anti-government, being a classy mofo, being a creeper, being a slut, being extremely ridiculously rich, being fabulous, being fabulouser than descole, being most popular character, being rich, being skilled, bitching, biting, blowing up london, bombs, business socks, business time, cutting people, escaping from prison, exposing government lies, fapping, fucking dimitri, fun times in prison, getting drunk, giant death machines, giving lapdances, insulting descole, journalism, kill all the people, killing my adoptive mother, layton for some reason, luke triton, making dimitri suicidal, men, mercy killing, mindfucking dimitri, money, my cause, my knife bob, my parents, not being raped, not bill hawks, not bubba, not claire, not large groups, not layton molesting luke, not layton molesting me, not people, not prison, not prison showers, not unpleasant surprises, not women, older men, politics, professor layton, puzzle boys magazine, really biig bank accounts, repopulating world with flora, revenge, ridiculously complicated plans, sadism, scratching, self defence, sex, sparkling, stalking, stripping, stupidly destructive plans, terrorism, the world sucks, totally not dimitri, weapons, writing